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Home Owners Insurance Claim
Real Estate Law

The Legal Advocate Firm is knowledgeable in following areas of Real Estate Law: 

- Homeowners Insurance Claims

- Commercial Closing

- Residential Closing

- Condominium / Home Owner Association

- Construction Disputes

- Title Closing 

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Foreclosure Law

Florida is a judicial foreclosure state, by which the mortgage holder must proceed through state court to obtain the right to force sale the property and redeem the balance of the unpaid mortgage loan.

Florida statute requires several steps to be complete while a complaint for foreclosure is in process. In addition, there a Federal law that are applicable on certain types of properties and mortgages.  

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International Trade Law

Trading with the United States can be complex due to the multitude of rules and regulations required by the various United States Agencies and International Trade Agreements. 


The Legal Advocate Firm can help your business navigate this complex process and successfully assist in the import and export of goods. 



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