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3 Reasons Why Most B1/B2 Travel Visas Are Denied

In order to travel to the US most people need to apply for a Non-Immigration Visa to enter legally. Under the Visa Waiver Program there are 38 countries that do not need to apply for a visa if their trip is less than 90 days.

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Can My Landlord Keep My Security Deposit

The landlord may withhold a security deposit because the tenant has caused excessive damages to the unit that goes beyond normal wear and tear.


Excessive damages would be intentional or negligent actions that result in the physical damage to the structure of the unit.

Inherited A Home With A Mortgage

If the property owner validly disposes of the property by will and the property has a valid mortgage, then the person that inherits the property will hold a valid title to the property and the holder of the mortgage will retain a lien on the property.   

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The Truth about Approval Rates of Asylum Petitions in The United States

The United States receives on average over 20,000 Asylum petitions a year; of those Asylum petitions received the vast majority are denied every year due to petitioners inability to prove they meet the United States requirements. 

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