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Residential Closing


South Florida is a great place to purchase a home, with year round sunshine and miles of sandy beaches.

Purchasing a some is a major investment with the potential to yield high returns when the property is sold. 

After the property has been inspected and apprised, the closing process is the final process by which the Land Sale Contract is merged into the Deed and the security deposit is paid , just to name a few.

Both Buyer and Seller should have resolved all major issues prior to closing, because once the closing process is completed the Buyer waivers all known contract claims against the Seller and can only bring claims warrant by the Deed. 

It is highly recommended that a Buyer have a real estate attorney review the Land Sale Contract prior to closing in order to best protect the Buyers right of unforeseeable issues. 


The buyer should raised all issues or concerns they have about purchasing the property.

The Legal Advocate Firm can assist you throughout the closing process. 

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