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condominium / Home Owners Association 


Condominiums and home owners associations have great power to determine what you can or cannot do with your property. 

Many associations have the right to dictate what color you paint the exterior of your property, prior approval to change windows, and rules and regulations of how many guest you can have. 

In some instances, the association can interrupt the rules and regulation incorrectly or misapply them to certain situations.  As a results, this owners  may be left with large fess and inability to enjoy the property. 

All association have rules and regulation which afford owners the right to present their issue before the association and make their case, why they believe the association interpretation or implementation of the rules was inappropriate. 


When an associations refuses remedy the misinterpretation of the rules and regulations, your only means of recourse may be to seek judicial resolution.

The Legal Advocate Firm can assist you with issues that arise with ownership of a Condominium or property regulated by a Home Owners Association. 

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