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Construction Disputes


If you are involved in a construction either as a contractor, property owner, or home owner; a well executed contract protects your rights and states your means of redress in the unforeseen event of failure to pay or delay in construction. 

Florida requires that before a construction project is commenced a Notice of Commencement must be filed with the County Clerk of Court stating detailed information such as: property description, owners information, contractors information, and the type of project to commence; just to name a few. 

In the event there is a delay in the construction project, depending on the party at fault, the terms of the contract will determine the possible types of fines or actions that can be taken. 

In some instances, if the property owner fails to make a payment and delays the construction the, the contractor may place a Construction Lien on the property for work completed. 

In other instances, it may be in the contractors best interest to file a suit in court in an attempt to collect on work completed. 

On the other hand, if the contractor is the party that delays the construction, then the property owners has the right to refuse payment and file a suit in court in an attempt to collect the difference of what they expected to pay. 


Delays in constructions can be very costly for both parties. The Legal Advocate Firm is able to assist in preparation of Construction Contracts, Constructions Liens, and collection of payments.

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