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Commercial Real Estate


Purchasing commercial real estate can be one of the most considerable decisions a business makes.  

Whether your business is purchasing commercial real estate for investment purposes or expansion of your business, deciding to purchase commercial real estate can be a major step in investing in the  future of your business.


The average sale price of a commercial property in Miami was $1,117,563.00 in 2018.

Due to the sizable finances and time involved in purchasing commercial real estate, it is highly recommended that every business consulate a real estate attorney to assist throughout the process.

The Real Estate Purchase Agreement controls a majority of the process and can be complex depending on the type of property purchase.

For instance, when purchasing a property that is tenants that are in contract with the seller to lease, the buyer must consider the effect the current tenants lease agreement will have on the buyer prior to signing the Purchase Agreement.


On certain occasions, the tenant may not be current with their lease payments,  the date when your buyer can start collecting rent from the current lease tenants, or will the buyer have to enforce the lease agreement. 


The Legal Advocate Firm can assist with the purchase of your next commercial real estate.

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