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Landlord - Tenant Disputes

Renting property can be a profitable business in South Florida.  

However, when a tenant refuses to pay rent on time or damages rental property, the landlord can be left with no option but to evict or make a claim on the security deposit.

Some landlords make the costly mistake of not putting in the Lease Agreement what specific terms constitutes a breach of the Lease Agreement.

While it is not required that a landlord have an attorney prepare a Lease Agreement, it is in the landlords best interest to make sure that the Lease Agreement that they are using was prepared or reviewed by a real estate attorney. 

Preparation of a Lease Agreement prior to leasing protects the landlord from relying on a Lease Agreement that may not correctly state all of the Landlords interest. 


Further, a Lease Agreement is a contract and any contract that is signed by both parties will determine the potential claims that the parties can make in court.

The Legal Advocate Firm can assist in preparation or revisions of Lease Agreements, Eviction of tenants, or rent collection. 

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